How to Remove Dip Nails at Home in 2021


Usually, everyone wants to remove dip nails on their own. However, many people don’t know how to remove dip nails at home. This useful guide will give you some simple tips that will help you get off powder nails. 

Probably you may not like someone else to do that. You can sim[ply do it on your own but you need to know the right way. If you think that you are not aware of how to remove dip powder nails at home, you are at the right place. 

How to Remove Dip Nails At Home?

Before that, I want to address a simple question that many people ask: can you remove dip nails at home? Yes, you can but you need the right setup and a few essential tools and stuff. Here are a few things that you will need to remove your dip powder nails at home. 

  • Nail Clipper
  • Nail File
  • Cotton Balls
  • Aluminum Foil
  • Acetone
  • Cuticle OIl

Once you have all of these elements, you can now follow the below steps. Now, let’s know how do you get nails off easily. 

Step 1: Clip Off Your Nails If Required


If you have longer nails than natural, you will need to clip them off. However, you can skip this step if you don’t have an extra length of nails. Usually, everyone has long extensions, so you can clip off the extension to make it easier and quickly remove the powder dip. 

Step 2: File Off Your Nail


Next, you can file off the top layer of your nail. It makes the removal process of the polish a little easier and quicker. One of the main advantages of doing this is that it allows acetone to apply to other layers. 

Step 3: Soak the Cotton Ball in Acetone and Place It on Your Nail

The next step is to soak the cotton balls in acetone. Once it’s fully soaked, you can place it on your nails and wrap it off with aluminium foils. Now, leave it for the next 15 minutes and it will soak the powder nail. However, don’t just apply nail apply nail polish removal, you need to apply acetone. Normal nail polish removers cannot soak the powdr properly. 

Step 4: Take Off the Aluminium Foil


Once your nails soaked with the acetone, you can now take off the aluminum foil. After removing the foils, check whether the powder is soaked properly. Otherwise, you can leave the cotton ball for some more time. It can help you to remove your dip nails easily. 

Step 5: Moisturizing Your Nails

Moisturizing Your Nails

When you apply acetone on your nail, it may dry out your nails. So, you can apply a few drops of cuticle oil to moisturize your nail. Finally, you are done and you have removed your powder nail with these simple steps 


Now that you learn how to remove dip nails at home, what are you waiting for? Go and apply the above five simple steps to remove your dip powder nails off. As simple as that clip off any extra nail extension, then file off the top layer, then keep the soaked cotton ball on your nail. 

Now gently wipe the cotton ball and wrap the cotton ball on your nail. After 15 minutes, you can remove the foil and you will see the powders are removed from your nail. Please let me know about it in the comment section.


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